International trucking

International trucking

International trucking – is a business, where we have been called as an expert. Why? Because behind the cargo transportation from station A to the station B, we see each customer, who needs understanding and reliability from carrier! For sure, each of us has a deal with defaulting contractor, when cooperation has been finished negatively… How much disappointment and losses it can cause?

We understand and take into consideration your wishes:
– to spend resources efficiently (time, money);
– to get a pleasure from making an order and good service;
– to trust to carrier;
– to have an opportunity to control manager work or driver;
– To prepare documentation quickly and be calm about border crossing.

More than 20 year ago our way in logistic has been started from these desires awareness!

Our personal map of Europe consists from more than 25 countries, where our trucks are every week! To keep abreast – is a habit, without of which we do not recruit managers! That’s why you receive more, than delivery of cargo to the right place.

The strongest direction of our company – is Great Britain, business of where we consider as our trump card!

Feedbacks about our work in this direction You may see here. That is why if You need to deliver any type of cargo from Great Britain to Ukraine or other European countries or contrariwise, let us know any comfortable methods! Baltics, Russia are also in our map! Young but already strong directions are: Turkey, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Finland.

Our aim – is to increase amount of countries on our personal map to 50 till the end of 2020!

Do you want to cooperate? We always glad to review Your propositions!