Work principles

Work principles

princip MOBILITY All trucking processes are quickly, so working with us you reduce time coast.

RATIONALITY In frame of current market is important to follow up for service price that is why we adapt price for each client! We managed special subscription for trucking also.

ECOLOGICAL Innovations move the world up and we support these innovations! Last generation automobile pollute air less, so we buy only such.

ENORMITY Each year our car park increase for several dozen units and so amount of countries on our trucking map increase also! Up to 2016 year car park size – is 160 units of car equipment.

MULTYTASKING To deliver cargo from point A to point B – is few to be the best carrier! We offer to issue your documents, cross border quickly, follow the car end route, to reduce your personal costs for fuel and others.

TEAM GAME We united more than 100 people to make qualitative trucking! 80 percent of team works with us more than 5 years! If you want to be a part of RAF-trans – send resume.

HOPES EXCUSE To provide the best service in Ukraine – our rule! More than 5000 customers appreciated this during more than 15 years of our company work.